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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Weed management

New weed management challenges are facing today's corn farmers, but optimizing weed management is needed to maximize yields. A research is being carried at University of Illinois by Prof. Aaron Hager about how weed can be controlled and managed.In the past five to six years weeds have been atypical and, while they have been controllable, farmers need to learn how to manage them.

Do you have weeds in your team? How do you identify them?

Weed can be the dust bag in your firm, team who is good at creating differences, buttering, groupism, etc. The productivity from a weed is nil. A weed thinks grows very fast in size, popularity and exposure. A weed creates hindrances to work, grow, change, improve.

Few lessons management can borrow:

  1. Weed interference begins to reduce yields sooner
  2. It is hard to define when the weed interference begins to reduce yields, as many factors have an impact
  3. The two key factors to prevent losses due to improper weed management are: to be cautious about what kind of weed control system to use and to scout fields and remove weed interference frequently
  4. Weed control cost is additional expense but weed control is important for profit in the end
What should you do with a weed? You just can't remove a weed just like that. Remove it at the right time and burn it.

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