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Saturday, April 4, 2009

User driven Content

During my last visit to Forum, I happened to walk in to prominent gift shop to get a Birthday card. Here were some 10 girls trying to select a card and gift for their friend. After rummaging through the limited collection of the cards they left. The comment was that the content/message was not that good if the card was good and vice versa. I guess they were right as I walked out too.

The content seemed stale and superficial. The greeting card business is not there to send a card but to send warmth, feelings and wishes. Unless the message or content echoes that you can't make me buy. Also your product should be fresh/current in tune with present changes and lingo. Else you wouldn't make the cut. The same applies to music, literature, apparel, radio, cuisine, etc. Market research would tell you what is happening and what you should do. This would help you change according to fashion or create one. Adapt or perish is the new rule of the game.

For the problem mentioned above I picked up a card at a much less glamorous store which allowed me to write my own stuff and print it in different fonts yet remain stylish. Customized, compact and easy. Last heard USER is defining the content.

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