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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Too comfortable

When making a choice people tend to pick the one that is easier than what can be more challenging. Obviously the rewards are proportionate to the kind of effort you put in. Or is it the other way round? Sometimes you need to listen to your heart and not what your mind or body says. Sometimes its better to listen to what your parents, mentors, friends and well wishers say. I need to agree here that they may give you a different insight than what you might be thinking.

Mentoring is a tough job to do. You got to make it dawn on the person that his(er) decision is not the right one. All this while you need make sure that (s)he isn't offended. You may be hated for what you do and (s)he might even hate you for what you are doing but if its best for the other person... go ahead and do it.

Easier choices vs tougher ones is a debate that goes on. The fact that people exist to guide you though you may not like it says you have people thinking about you.


Unknown said...

As usual the posting is good but must say that the picture you uploaded is toooo gooood :)

Unknown said...

I know i loved it the first time I saw it. Too good pic. Thanks for the kind words. They increase my quality bar.