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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Target touch 10 crore

BJP managers claim that with close to half the voting population connected by mobiles, this campaign is now a must. They agreed that the party was looking forward to a sustained effort by Sangh organisations to reach and motive both the faithful and sympathisers. Party sources said this would be accompanied by a massive SMS campaign which hopes to ultimately reach 10 crore voters.

The web-bases campaign has modest targets but is perhaps the most interesting part of the party's poll efforts. It begins by hoping to enroll a lakh of volunteers online in addition to some 40,000 who have signed up. Those who sign up will be asked to organize small neighborhood or drawing room discussions on politics and will be provided videos and presentations by the BJP.

The attempt to reach voters who usually do not turn up at polling booths is driven by an estimate that many of them might share BJP’s vision for a strong Centre and a "nationalist" approach to security that includes "hard" views on anti-terror laws and illegal infiltration. These groups could motivate people to shed both their cynicism and lethargy to actually go to the polling stations.The BJP's print campaign will focus on spelling out its programme which is expected to be replete with feel-good offers like targeted schemes for girl children, cheap foodgrain, lower farm loan rates and several sops for the urban vote.

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