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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Push back please

Traveling has never seemed more costly. An usual Volvo customer I found a big difference last week. Most of the seats in Volvo were empty!

The sales at private travels in AP has registered a 10% decrease in demand for Volvo ticket sales. Most of the times the A/C Volvo travels costs 80 to 100% more than a regular push back bus. So where does this population go? Most of them have shifted to trains which provide a more convenient comfortable option at a cheaper price. Call it cost cutting, recession, job losses or just a change in trend.. it is visible. With in the bus all items have become costlier, DVD choices wider, staff friendlier... The last ten seats are what get converted to profit in a Volvo and if they aren't filled its a loss trip. Hence travel service owners are considering a reduction in prices to keep the charm and traffic consistent. The pain is reduced as the fuel prices have come down a bit. Or else I need to book a train ticket or push back.

"Bangalore busses are never vacant," I hear, "as they are full of IT personnel." The staff are hoping it would pick up faster... may be by Deewali. Amen.

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