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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Pleasant Noise

Staying in Anekal hostel for almost an year has helped me ignore the train sound when it passes next to the campus. I guess this is because of the repetition and I grew out of it. Also because the noise is from the same train, every day. Trains are boring. Same sound, purpose, tempo. Hence comfortably ignored. Once I know what your brand is about I tend to ignore. Because it is the same, boring stuff that I am being exposed to.

If the train comes at irregular intervals, chirping, singing or doing something else that would attract my attention. but it would take much more than that to make me sit up and notice. Vodafone's new ad concept is one such example. I know the brand, the message but the theme is different. The story board is different. How about your brand and its communique?

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