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Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Being at home has its own advantages. You got someone who ensures you eat, sleep and wake up at the right time. I also had the chance to watch TV and local channels. I hate to say this but all over only one topic was prominent: Elections.

More than concentrating on how to get your votes and tell voters why should some one vote for your party each of these parties in AP are eagerly trying to prove others wrong. Most of the ads were directed to prove how stupid were the offers of the other party and how their party would should and must be the best choice. Congress party had ads targeting at TDP and ridiculing how stupid was the free color TV offer and money distribution schemes? TDP's ads were aimed at proving how Congress encouraged corruption? and couldn't do what could have been done? Chiranjeevi's PRP was aimed at his charisma and asking people to give him a chance! TRS was playing the Telangana song again.

Among all this clutter and clever subtle double entendre filled jabs at each other they forgot the basic rule of communication. Its not about you stupid. Its about me and my vote! What would I get if I vote for you? What can you do for me if I choose to select you as a public servant. You may spend crores of rupees but I would vote only for someone who would be eligible and not because you had a great ad and promotional campaign on TV or Internet. You should have been here long time ago.. for the last 5 years.

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