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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Designing a store

Commuters, passing your location on a regular basis to & from work, can provide a major source of business. Position, visibility and access are key in attracting commuters. A position on the going-home side of the street strategically located in regards to competition is usually best. Certain early-day businesses may consider the going-to-work side of the street. Most commuter business is drop-in, and thus visibility and access are essential considerations.

Visibility describes how easy or difficult it is for potential customers to notice your business. Obviously, for new locations, you must make this judgment without the benefit of having the actual signage and building. Visibility is more question of discrimination than the distance from which one can first see the sign or building. Have enough to show your existence and route.

The ease or convenience of getting to your store is a measure of its accessibility. Access is most commonly defined in terms of the ease or difficulty to reach, coming to the store or its parking area and leaving the store or its parking area, from the major exit points. At both the occasions the plan should be perfect causing minimal hassles. No one likes waiting for traffic to clear out in the parking lot when they leave or spend 10 minutes to find a parking spot for their vehicle.

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