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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Change for good

Meera Sanyal (banker), Capt Gopinath and Sarath are to be watched keenly in this election. If young, vibrant and democratic India realises the genuine need for self-less leaders to be chosen, they all should win. But, for the past two decades or more, we have been suffering with dirty coalition politics resulting in uncertainty and inconsistency; which is hampering parliamentary governance being commercialised.

In the big fight between three or four major political fronts, some times ideologies are also changing fast. Leftists support a govt for four and half years and leave only to be substituted by Samajwadi duo of Mulayam and Amar Singh; which again is short lived. Lalu, Paswan, Ambumani, Sharad Pawar, et al are all sitting on the fence. Reforms, Recession, Development, Globalisation, GDP, Income, Employment, Exports, Exchange rates, Stock Market fluctuations, etc are neglected in vote bank politics focusing corruption, caste, regionalism, nepotism, factionalism, power, money and what not?

The typical middle class (educated/employed) would helplessly watch elections after elections; let us hope Sarath, Meera and Gopinath would change the direction in this election and show to the world what Indian Democracy is all about!

Courtesy: Progressive Banker

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