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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bandan, Atoot

Airtel surprises me with its ads. Each time it chooses to make me stop tapping on the next button on my remote with a touching concept re-emphasizing its commitment to provide me with the best network and solutions. This time this kids ad, especially in summer when all parents and family faces this problem, is well timed and planned.

Well done Airtel.


Deeptaman Mukherjee said...

Probably, the best ad of Airtel till now. That's what I think about this one.

Nice blogging. Good to see nice posts lined up one after another.

Keep it up.

Unknown said...

Thanks Deep. Yes this is too good.

Unknown said...

Vamshi,my 2 yr old nephew Jonah Loves it though he hates everything else on TV.He comes running from his room to view this ad when we increase volume :)

Unknown said...

I know Jonah must have loved it. Must be trying to make some long distance calls right?

Unknown said...

Yes,to his dad who is abroad :)