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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Auditors from the past

The dust bags of socialist structure can't understand the nuances of capitalism and what it brings with it: Change, passion, opportunity, accomplishment, recognition... to name a few.

Speaking about some age old auditors who are in her firm for auditing, a friend said this: 'These people still have a lost of .... in them and shamelessly are proud of it! What can be completed in about 4 days by 3 people is being dragged for over a week. All they do is sit, talk, eat, eat, eat.. sometimes drink as the company pays it!'

I could only sympathize. Many people feel its their moral right to eat-drink out of the company money and 'feel' by being in the office they 'are' working! The worst part is that no one questions. A lot has changed in the last decade and in another one all these dust bags would be over the wall. But new ones form.

Auditing or inspection or for that matter anything is important but that doesn't mean you can keep idling and expect your peers to just sit and stare. This is a tech-driven world and you better hurry up as this is no place for people who pass time. Capitalism denotes change: for good, for speed, for better results with lower costs and more value. Are you adding value to your job?

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