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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Auditors. Again

"This whole system is so wrong", says my friend who is being tormented by some auditors I mentioned last time.

"You do all the work and some dumb government official comes once in 6 months to check them and eats and lives on your money like a parasite. I hope he suffers from constipation, better dies."

"I am sure these people are not human> How else can some one eat so much and still be hungry for dinner?"

She lists out what they eat for lunch: Idly(16), 8 Wada, 10 Dosa, 3 plates Chicken Munchuria, 4 cups Soup, 20 Butter naan with unlimited chicken tikka masala, cool drinks(thank God), ice cream, paan and juice. OK all these are by 4 people excluding my friend. She had to pay around Rs. 1100/- per lunch for one day. And they were ready for dinner again! They were here for 5 days and given a chance she could skin them. Not that she is worried only about the money but about their 'right' to eat from my friends pocket when they should stay at the hotel and finish their work and leave. What else can you expect from people who are from the government era? How can we change this? Why do all the people who are at an inspection/valuation level so moron? Occasionally you might find a sincere officer but mostly these people squeeze the maximum out of their dependants. How sick can this be?

Why can't auditing be done real time?
Why should someone check what you are doing? Why can't this be error proof? Better let the system check most of the work.
Why can't world be a better place?
It would/could but then there would be no more fun and jokes about the morons.

Did you face any situation like this? Or know some one who did? how do you win in such a situation? Any ideas?

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