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Friday, March 20, 2009

Windows vs Mac

Microsoft got it right this time with its marketing efforts paying off. Its $300 million marketing campaign for Windows helped it reap huge rewards. U.S. retail Windows PC unit sales rose 22 percent year over year in February compared with a 16.7 percent Mac sales decline. By revenue, Windows PCs posted modest 1.4 percent growth, compared with a stunning 23.3 percent Mac revenue decline.

Many financial analysts point to pricing as the major reason for Mac declines. In February, the average selling price for Macs was $1,500, down from $1,628 a year earlier but up from $1,482 in November. Consumers and small businesses must pay more to join the Mac club than to continue using Windows PCs during a recession.

There's a spirit of entrepreneurship that many Americans associate with Windows and Microsoft. The recession is bringing it out.

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