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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What stays in your mind!

Ever wondered why bad jokes are easier to remember than the good ones? Well, scientists claim to have finally unraveled the reason. A new study has revealed that the best jokes are the hardest to remember as they work by subverting usual thought patterns, making them less memorable but funnier—moreover, a final twist and surprise in the joke makes people remember the punchline, but forget the run-up to the gag. But, on the contrary, the structure and punchlines of cliched gags are so predictable that they make the jokes easy to recall, the study found. According to the study’s author, Prof Robert Provine of Maryland University, “What makes a joke successful is also what makes it difficult to remember. The punch line involves an unexpected turn.

If someone tells you a list of flowers, like roses, daffodils, petunias and brick. That was unexpected and funny. You remember ‘brick’, but not probably the correct list of flowers. Good jokes 'work in the opposite way to a poem or piece of music'. "It's easier to follow a song because it has rhyme and rhythm. I hear a good joke but usually I can’t remember all of it.” Daniel Schacter of Harvard University said that good jokes often rely on subtle nuances and timings and these are things which we find difficult to accurately recall. You appreciate a comment on your blog, reply it people forget. You delete the comment they will remember it! You appreciate the article people forget, you say they are wrong they get excited. Try it.


About Me said...

Thanks bro.. now finally I can boast upon my PJs more confidentally.. hahaha

Unknown said...

And you can become famous! People will remember you.

Thanks for the comment.