Google+ Consumer Psyche: Towards a 'Green' blog


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Towards a 'Green' blog

I was shocked to hear the claims that a typical web server, hosting anything from a website to your blog, produces about as much C02 as an car! Not only that but a typical data center which houses such servers consumes about as much energy as 30,000 households. But just how accurate are these claims? Are these merely scare tactics used to get would-be web managers to buy into “green” hosting companies?

Google has been receiving a lot of flak lately regarding their carbon footprint. Recently, there was an accusation that every two Google searches performed produce about 15g of C02, approximately the same amount produced by boiling a kettle of water. However, that data may have been a bit exaggerated, according to Google, who responded by saying that each search only emits about 0.2g of C02.

This is relieving. Most firms cash in on making everything 'green' for you. I think this is because they know many people want to use such services. Thankfully I believe that consumerism is a valid thing and the economy runs because people like me buy and pay. So if this blog emits some CO2, so be it. May be I should start planting a tree every month! How will that be?


About Me said...

I was amused by the concept of Green blog or website...!!!
Nice one...

Unknown said...

Thanks Vibs. I think it sounds good too, but how far is the claim true, I think we need to wait and see.