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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Tip please

How often you order food home? How much is the price you pay for it and what percentage if the order cost is the tip you give to the delivery man? Do you think tipping properly is a good idea? Or is it a waste of money? Statistics and behavioural observations beg to differ.

Most of the delivery executives remember who tip them how much and how they behave with them once they reach the door. In most cases it was observed that the people at the house are rude, offensive and do not tip at all. Even if they tip the amount is very low. You may feel it is unnecessary as the company pays the person for the delivery. It is always nice to have a happy man delivering your food and leaving a decent tip is going to keep him happy and come back willingly the next time you order. The same applies to your milk delivery man, the newspaper boy and so on. After all he is helping you out.

The next time you get something done don't forget two things:
  • Tip(A decent tip is about 10% of the total bill as per the US standards. You may decide what is decent enough)
  • Say 'Thank you'
It is a person at the other end and it shows your character. What do you say?

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