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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Nimbooz anyone?

PepsiCo is set to roll out a new brand called Nimbooz –a packaged lemonade drink -- under its 7-Up umbrella later in the week. To be rolled out in SKUs (stock keeping units) of 200 ml returnable glass bottles and 350 ml PET packs, the brand is among the company's most ambitious launches since it will address huge untapped demand for packaged nimbu pani in the country. The introduction of Nimbooz is in line with the beverage and snack foods maker's vision of transforming its portfolio from 'treat for you' to 'good for you' products and 'better for you' products. 

Most experts feel the smaller packs will be more popular than the take away ones which are for future consumption as the consumer would like to take home fresh nimbus which can easily be converted to a drink in different varieties(salt, sugar or both). But I think Pepsi can pull this off with low prices and attracting kids. I think @ Rs. 10 per the 350 ml pack is almost the same as the one I get outside on a tela. Only this is more cleaner and classy. How soon can Pepsi win over kids and parents to believe Nimbooz is an alternative to other classy alternatives in the colas is the key.

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