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Monday, March 23, 2009

Lack of planning

Something applicable equally in Hyderabad or Bangalore or Chennai.

We all know how anything in Delhi can cause traffic jams : weddings, rallies , festival Jhankis , Republic Day parade rehearsals , Pragati Maidan Exhibitions . The latest addition to this long list is Board Exams . The young examinees , exhausted after a long spell of late night swotting , are expected to report at their Exam centres at ten am sharp . It is singularly bad timing that clashes routinely with office rush hour traffic . Since delay in reaching exam halls means barred entry , tempers run high and parental tension mounts as cars , two and three wheelers , school buses and ordinary buses all snake through office rush hour traffic , all trying to overtake the others and making it almost impossible for anyone to reach their destination on time . Things are complicated by the fact that the examination centres are housed during the Boards , at schools other than the ones where the kids study . This mostly prolongs the distance and creates more tension since parents must drive down unknown roads .

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