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Monday, March 30, 2009

Kochi, first blood

Cochin/Kochi is a wonderful place in Kerala. Here I was for presenting a research paper on what is happening in Indian Banking Technology and why Internet Banking is not catching up. School of Management Studies, Kochi University organized a National Seminar on 'Creating and Delivering Value to Customers' on 27th and 28th. Atheeva technologies webcasted this event live. Guest speakers were Dr. Abraham Koshy, IIM A and Dr. Anandakuttan B Unnithan, IIM K along with other distinguished professors, delegates and paper presenters. The support staff comprised of students (who were taking initiative tirelessly with a smile handling over 400 guests!), Dr. Molly Koshy and Dr. Manoj Edward who were working till 11 PM in the night to make it a success. The discussions, discourses, question-answer sessions, guest house and climate were simply superb.

It takes a lot of people working for many man-hours working in tandem to make an event a success.
Drops maketh the rain! Each one counts.

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Great going... All the very best!