Google+ Consumer Psyche: Innovation in Cyber crime


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Innovation in Cyber crime

The Cybercrime Intelligence Report covers the following:

  • Cybercriminals are professionally organized and operate affiliate networks to boost their malware and rogueware distribution
  • To promote their rogueware, they compromise legitimate websites by injecting SEO targeted pages which include repetitive popular search keywords with minor typos
  • Search engines indexed these injected pages and display them as top search results
  • This SEO targeted technique has proven to be very effective and yielded almost half a million Google searches to compromised sites, according to statistics found on the criminal’s server during the research
  • 1.8M unique users were redirected to the rogue Anti-Virus software during 16 consecutive days
  • Members of the affiliate network were rewarded for each successful redirection with 9.6 cents “a piece”, which totals $ 172,800 or $ 10,800 per day

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Nidz said...

are these notes for me?? lol
any ways i had hard time looking for the real blog whr u share ur views.. u have so many blogs in ur mist. Pls if u nt using delet them.. or write in profile which blog has wht in reference.

Unknown said...

:) Thanks Nidhi.
Deleted some, kept some. This is the main one.