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Monday, March 9, 2009

Indu magic!

How would it be if your noodles were served in an earthern pot decorated with traditional designs? How about a wooden laptop? OK what if the wood is Sandalwood? How about the music of the next fighting movie comes out of a Veena? Sounds interesting? Well the combination is intriguing as well. Indu seemed to know this very well. She mixed the well known bollywood song, 'Ae kya bolti tu' with classical dance steps. Her steps, facial expressions, mannerisms kept changing from male to female as per the lyrics of the song.

The success belongs to the one who understands what the consumer expects or associates with and then delivering it. By tweaking a few rules of traditionally accepted norms and expecting to be praised is a risky business. But if you can achieve the right combination of both the patterns there is a high chance that the product is lapped up. What Indu did was similar. She picked up a hit song(Everyone of her audience knew the lyrics and the beat), combined that with classical dace that was simple looking but each of her audience knew it took years of practice to master them and performance was magical. Good work Indu.

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Unknown said...

Yaah, even we all loved her dance fusion.
These attempts even help in generating interests in traditional arts.