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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

@ meet 09

MJ and myself attended meet at Microsoft Embassy Golflinks office, Bangalore last week. The details of the meet and the report are here. About 100 bloggers from different areas of interest in Bangalore attended. Apart from munching pizzas and the unending supply of Coke and Coffee(sponsored by Microsoft along with the venue) there was a good discussion on what is happening on the Blogosphere
Some good points were:
  • Blogging rights 
  • How to earn money through your blog(I think the discussion veered too much in this direction) On a personal note Blogging should never be for money or at least it shouldn't be the primary motive
  • How to host your own domain, advantages and problems in doing so
  • One minute to fame(My pic above where I explain about Consumer Psyche)
  • Legal implications, content sharing, etc.
  • First look at Windows 7, why it is better than the previous versions and saves time and effort ...
It was fun and learning. Good luck
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