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Friday, March 27, 2009

Do your own chores

People are taking on chores that only a year ago were hired out to someone else. They're dyeing their own hair, shoveling their own snow, washing their own cars and taking up paint brushes to brighten their living room walls. The do-it-yourself trend has hurt some businesses and created opportunities for others. While every shirt ironed by you is one fewer for the local cleaners, it also means your family will be buying more detergent and fabric softener. Multiply the chores the people are doing by the millions of people like them who are changing their habits and the future looks bright for the do-it-yourself market.

The research firm Mintel International, which follows a narrow segment of the market from tool rentals to building and decorating supplies, predicts the sector will make steady gains over the next two years, ultimately growing to a $15.1 billion market in 2013, or about 50 percent over a decade. It is a wonderful outcome. The mechanics of the purchasing and utility are changing.

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