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Monday, March 2, 2009

Disable anonymous comments on you blog

Too much is happening in Blogosphere and the freedom of speech is bring questioned and the right to one's own expression is threatened every where. Even anonymous comments on your blog or Orkut account can land you in jail. 

India's constitution guarantees freedom of expression as long as this does not extend to libel, national security, contempt and a broad category of public morality – which includes "hurting religious sentiments". Pranesh Prakash of Bangalore's centre for internet and society, a thinktank specialising in web civil rights, said the internet had allowed "everyone to become a publisher but not the awareness of what responsibilities of a publisher. The way the law is dealing with it is highly problematic."

Though there will be several rounds of dicussions on this matter before a proper regulation is brought out, the best thing is to stick to everything that is politically correct. This mean you are expected to talk about your cat, dog, school, office but stick to the simplest details. May be if you blog about naming your new dog Roger you will have CIA behind you!

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