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Monday, March 2, 2009

Being Beckyied

Dublin Radio 98 came up with this idea when they saw Little Becky who is a 8 year old girl and could speak fluently in almost any situation like an adult. Little becky rings up various companies and famous celebrities and has a joke with them. They are then victims of "being Beckyied" Real Name: Rebecca Barry.

Prank calls such as:

  • Little Becky wants her school demolished
  • Little Becky wants to rent a crane
  • Little Becky wants to be a hairdresser
  • Little Becky wants to be a footballers wife
  • Little Becky calls Channel 4 about celebrity big brother
  • Little Becky calls Harvey Norman about their annoying ad
  • Little Becky tries to buy an elephant
  • Little Becky sells a spare tyre
  • Little Becky applies for a driving test
  • Little Becky Pretends to Be Mariah Carey
  • Little Becky Hires a Crane (and starts to crack up!)
Here is an exclusive video where she appears on TV to promote toys! 

While most of these calls sound funny, the Radio station's viewership went up during these slots as many people tuned in to listen to Little becky. And this was converted into a successful promotional campaign.

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