Google+ Consumer Psyche: Who will win MTV Roadies 6.0?


Friday, February 20, 2009

Who will win MTV Roadies 6.0?

As per rumors Sufi is the winner. Sufi will make a wild card entry to the show and the MTV Roadies 6 preview which showed Sufi boxing certainly confirms his re-entry to MTV Roadies 6. There could be another voted-out Roadie along with him. The winner last year for MTV Roadies 5 was well known to almost everyone since the finale was shot well in advance. Raghu's brain has worked this time and folks, the finale is yet to be shot. So that means two hungry MTV Roadies 6 hell mates are still out there. Why so? MTV is running a contest where you’ll get a chance to feature on the show’s finale. Duh!

So it’s obvious the winner is still undecided which is a pretty good thing. Who are the two finalists of MTV Roadies 6? One could be Sufi and the other could be anyone. So the game is still on!

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