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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine purchases

What a time to capitalize on the psyche of the consumer! Especially people who make and sell products which can be packed and sold to customers, especially youngsters rake in the moolah big time. But for the Ram Sena's intervention this 14th would be a blast for the hotels, restaurants, CCDs, etc. On average, February 13th, the most popular day for shopping:
  • Over 1000% increase in sales versus other days! 
  • The expected purchase turnover for the occasion is about 5200 crores! 
  • More than 8 million roses are getting ready to come to Bangalore alone! 
BTW, where is the recession? Happy Valentines Day!

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Unknown said...

very true...went such things happen and people spend on such things i really don't see the effects of recession in the country..,...

good way 2 earn money/....sell flowers on valentine's day....hehe