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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Swing vote

Have you ever seen an election being stalled and decided by one vote? Well wouldn't it be good if your vote counted and you have a choice to make? Well Swing Vote is all about that. Apart from the cinematographic thrills and comedy it talks about many things more. Here they are:
  • Responsibility, democracy and the importance of voting
  • How in the run and mill of life and winning, we lose focus and miss out on life, choose illogical things, forget what we wanted to be and stand for
  • How important is a voice, a guiding voice, to bring us back to reality, to stand for something
There are simple ways to stay happy, even when you don't achieve what you set out for.

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Krishnan said...

Great post dude. Something to get people out of their seats and go out and serve the country better.