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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The problem with the name: Delhi 6

Did you watch about Delhi 6? Or even heard of it? Well the question is not about how the movie is. Its about how you read the first sentence of this post and the title. Delhi 6 speaks about an NRI kid coming to India to help fulfill his grandmother's wish of returning the soil to where it belongs (She wishes to die in India).  And the film is named Delhi-6, in english! What did u read it as? English?  What would have been a different approach is that ir should have named 'dilli (Cheh)'. It would have gone in sync with the spirit and theme of the movie. When you want to communicate 'desi feel' in the product, the brand should be consistently 'desi' too.

Rahman's magic has now crossed the barriers and the effect is expected to be visible on the current music he gave for Dilli 6. Many are going to watch the movie to celebrate the wave of the Oscars and Rahman in general. Let the numbers come in and you will know.

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