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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Price is not equal to Quality

Mahesh Dattani in Last Word mentions...

Most of us in the cities are used to processed foods and eating out at restaurants where food is invariably overcooked or rehashed. Sometimes we are under the false impression that the more expensive the restaurant, the better the quality. 

Once a friend running an NGO planned a food drive-to pick up leftover food from the backdoors of kitchens of five-star hotels. To her horror she discovered that waste food was highest after midnight or thereabouts. Which means leftovers from lunch make their way to the buffet table at night!

Most of the times we think that the price means quality. May be some of my hotel management friends will tell me if this is applicable to all the hotels. And I will think twice before going for dinner. I think you should too. What a cheap way of making money! The image of the hotels erode like a pack of cards. Think long term and save your image for once the consumer gets to know he is cheated he would never be back.

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