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Monday, February 2, 2009

My pick of the best movies of 2008

Here are my favorite movies in no particular order:

The Dark Knight- Obvious, right?  This is on everyone list.  It speaks to how good this movie was that everyone thought the movie would be good when it came out and then it went and beat all of those high expectations to do even better than everyone thought.  Everyone was good in this.  Maggie Gyllenhaal was an upgrade to Katie Holmes.  Heath Ledger blew it out tha box, yo.  And Aaron Eckhart continued to prove he can hold his own with the best. The only thing I didn’t like about the movie, was Christian Bale’s grating “Batman voice”. Other than that, this movie defined how a Batman movie should be made. Hopefully a few actors get Oscar noms.

Wall-E:  Whirring amid dilapidated skyscrapers and equally tall compacted trash heaps, he's the last living thing on Earth (aside from a little cockroach friend). WALL-E has developed a tender and inquisitive personality doing what he was built to do--allocate and dispose of human waste--day in and day out for the past 700 years simply because no one turned him off when the human race left the now-hostile planet. Soon though, the directive-oriented automaton Eve comes crashing into WALL-E's life from above, immediately becoming the object of his infatuation. At the drop of a hat, the little guy follows her back into the dangerous unknown, where the sight of two robots gliding through the cosmic ether, dancing via fire-extinguisher propulsion, joins the many memorable moments of a deceptively simple, expansively romantic story.

Iron Man- Probably another obvious choice.  This movie was lightning in a bottle.  The combination of Robert Downey, Jr, a great story and a hero that not a lot of people really knew about combined to create one of the best comic book movies of all time.  How about Gwenyth Paltrow?  Wow, she looks fantastic.  Good to see her back.  Jeff Bridges was his usual awesome self.  Oscar nomination for Robert Downey, Jr?  I could watch him play Tony Stark in like 15 more Iron Man movies.  Hopefully some special effects awards, too, because the suits looked fantastic.

Valkyrie- I was surprised how much I really liked this movie.  It doesn’t end happy.  But you should expect that going in.  I find the whole Hitler and the dynamics of the Third Reich fascinating especially because I have a Masters in History and WW I & II are great stories.  Seeing the story of German soldiers that think Hitler is the ruin of Germany is a great hook.  These German nationalists band together in a secret coalition to assassinate Hitler.  Great story. Good to see Bryan Singer return to his X-Men/X-Men 2 form.  Tom Cruise is really good.  I really like him as an actor despite his off camera shenanigans.

Kung-Fu Panda- I had to succomb to the undeniable AWESOMENESS that was Kung-Fu Panda.  Jack Black was born for this role. He may, in fact, have found his Shrek.  This movie is funny, touching and full of action.  I love kids’ movies and this was one of the best I have seen in a long time.  The opening monologue by Jack Black made me laugh so hard I think I blacked out for a second.

The Incredible Hulk- This movie is a “semi-sequel” to the 2003 Ang Lee fiasco. The Hulk effects are much better and the action is much more “action-y” and less “artsy”.  Norton plays the constantly on the run and fear of changing Banner perfectly.  I think the switch of Liv Tyler for Jennifer Connelly was a wash, but William Hurt for Sam Elliot was a winner.  Great, great Hulk movie.  I hope Norton returns for the Avengers movie in 2010.

Quantum of Solace- Bond continues his kick ass revival.  Daniel Craig and the Bond re-vamp has really infused some life into this character.  The gritty, “not afraid to get blood on my tux” Bond is a joy to behold.  I think Craig is groeing and learning on his way to be a Connery.  And barely, at that.  The intricate plot of both this and Casino Royale almost require multiple viewings, but you can read my review on QOS here.

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Unknown said...

i am generally not that crazy about english movies and i watch only some selected few.. out of the list that you have put up i have just watched Wall-E and i must say it's awesome.....

i love the concept of the between robots....hehe..and the end is wonderful when the fat guy explains it to everybody about farming...

i guess whatever has been shown in the movie would become a relaity in a couple of years seeing the rate at which pollution is growing day by day and the garbage disposal is being done....