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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Irrational logic

Would you walk away from the store if it does not have the cola you want? Or would you settle for the alternative? The price, fulfilled need, quantity, state and taste are same. 

Talking about taste, there is enough evidence from blind tests that it is difficult to make out the difference between Pepsi and Coke. The consumer behaves in a certain way exposed to certain cues directed by the brand/marketer which makes his taste feel. So marketing communication elicits consume behaviour to work in a certain way. It is purely irrational and does not depend on what is the product/service but on the irrational logic, the story, you believe in.

Going back to the question, not many would walk away from the store if it does not have a particular brand and switch. But the other day I was surprised to see Deepa paying 50% extra for a smaller bottle of a particular brand and wait for sometime to get it extra-cooled instead of going for a bigger bottle of the competitor which was readily available. So there are people who skip the drink if their choice is not available! Do you know the Sachin episode? This logic sounds irrational but for marketers it works fine.

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