Google+ Consumer Psyche: Fairer Ho!


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Fairer Ho!

Nielsen India reports that the Indian men are increasingly investing more time and money to enhance their looks, with 78 percent of the respondents feeling that it is ok for men to spend time and money to improve their appearance. According to a study conducted by The Nielsen Company, 84 percent of the respondents felt that Indian men are more interested in grooming today than they used to be.

It is interesting to note here that 100 percent of the respondents under the age group of 20 agreed that men are more interested in personal grooming than they used to be, indicating where the change is actually sprouting from.

In a recently released Global Consumer Report on Personal Grooming Nielsen surveyed 25,408 internet users in 46 markets from Europe, Asia Pacific, North America and the Middle East about their attitudes to personal grooming, what and how often they invested in beauty products and treatments, and what they would spend, and on what, if money were no object.

On the whole 30 percent of Indians agreed to be spending more on beauty products and treatments to enhance their appearance. Whereas 80 percent of the respondents surveyed felt that the pressures to look good are more today than they were in their parent’s generation.