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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Defying probability

Risk is a lovely thing to flirt with and dangerous too. What makes people take risk if it is dangerous? What all things you consider when you want to take a risk? Is it straight probability or some other calculation? 

I think probability is a major factor but not the only one. What are the chances of success? Of failure? What happens in case of failure? Most of the times the chances of failure are weighed and then the decision is taken. Still many brands flirt with the idea of the tempting the consumers with the risk factor. What is the success of such an attempt needs to be checked. Look at these examples:
  • Who is Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam? (A) Scientist  (B) Cricketer. Send A or B to 58***. Top 10 correct answers stand a chance to win Rs. 10,000/-. In case of multiple entries lucky draw would be held. Terms and conditions apply. SMS charge is Rs. 3/-.
  • Predict and Win contest. Predict who would win: A) Srilanka B) India || How many batsmen will score more than 50? A) 1   B) 2   C) 3   D) >3 and so on
  • You need to figure out who is the celebrity behind the blurred image and you can win
  • Fill in the crossword
You can easily add 100 more to this list. These are the campaigns which are run by big brands like Airtel, Times Online, Ten Sports, Pepsi, Coke and so on. But do customers buy into this logic and use them? I think here the probability of winning is very less, sometimes 1 in a billion. But what makes them take a chance is the amount lost when they do, some 3 to 6 bucks. The lure of winning some big amount keeps them going. 

What kind of customers fall into this trap and send the responses? Adventerous? Innovators? What kinds of products and services do they use? What kind of marketing communique do they respond to? Are you one of them? 

Who doesn't respond to these types of ads? Why do they not respond? What can a marketer do to reach out to this audience? 

Probably you can defy probability.


MJ said...

I simply don't respond to these campaigns, because i haven't heard or seen anyone who actually won something from these campaigns.I don't even believe that somebody wins them , I consider it as a hoax like many other offline prize campaigns.How many campaigns have declared that this is the list of winners for this campaign? Not many.Only a very few companies genuinely run those campaigns.I think establishing credibility of the campaign in consumer minds is the key to increase the response rate.

Unknown said...

Well here is the solution MJ.