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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Coke vs Recession

Soda makers, who have seen their highest-profile products lose ground to energy drinks and pricey bottled water in recent years, are turning away from the lifestyle marketing that has dominated the soda wars. Now, they hope to draw customers back to the old favorites with a simple lure: they're cheaper - or at least a better value. 

Coke is planning a series of ad campaigns under the theme called "Open Happiness" and tied to the "Coke Side of Life" ads launched on "American Idol" last week. One spot features two students sitting across from each other in a library and flirting by drawing competing images of Coke bottles and on their arms. Similar ads would be aired all over the world.

"What people want to do is pause and refresh," said Coca-Cola chief marketing officer Joe Tripodi. Coke thus takes on the energy drinks on its better value for a heap price plank. Long live cost leadership!

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