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Monday, June 15, 2009


One of my blogger friends met with an accident last year and still is sporting a limp from it. This is a temperary phase before she gains full strength. Recently when dropping off from an auto the driver asked her is she was so from her childhood. She felt really bad about it.About the taxi driver, I think he represents the resentful human psyche who judge too fast from the exterior apperance. Its tough to adjust but people don't think what would the person feel.

I remember when I had an accident and my tenant's kid saw my walking stick and used to hide it all the time. He was 10 yrs old and always used to play this prank. Here is the other side. His sister 4 years old used to hit him and get me back my stick. Every day after her school she would run to see me first, tell me all her day at school, finish her homework and her mom had to drag her for sleep. She never sympathized with me. She treated me just as normal. After the one month rest I started walking normal and you know whom would I care more for. She is in her +2 now in Hyderabad and I never miss her Bday. You need a lot of maturity to behave that way and very few have it. I think all of us should behave this way. The limp may vanish and not hurt but ensure your behaviour doesn't.

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