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Monday, February 9, 2009

Be the best & Improve

Ramli Ibrahim is one of the most accomplished Odissi dancer in Malaysia and internationally. He dances with absolute passion and grace, as if performing for God. He is one of the symbols of perfection in performance that should be a showcase to youngsters today. The thing about Ramli is that he likes experimenting with the original formats, beliefs. He changes the traditional dresses, steps, etc. which invite criticism from many. But he doesn't mind and named it 'Vision of Forever.' 

It doesn’t matter what you chose to be but most importantly you must put all your devotion and energy to be the best in your chosen field. Unless you are the best you need to work hard. Nobody likes the second best. Will you buy a 2nd best dress for the same price when you have the best available? 

And once you are the best you need to strive, change, experiment to stay ahead of the competition. 

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