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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Who am I?

The usage of the westernized names when assisting a broken microwave or replacing a RAM drive has a defining toll on the person. But over time it kind of grows on you. The same happens when you try to replace change Venkata Srinivasa Subramanya Sastry to Venky or Sastry for your friends. But at heart there is a soft corner for some one calling you Chotu, Chintu, Bujji or just the full name.

I think the whole thing is a circle. Indians spoke of George Washington, Abe Lincoln. Later we heard Americans speaking about Gandhi, Ramanujan, etc. Same way I wouldn't be surprised when I call my Kingfisher customer care and find a funny Hindi accent from some Srinivasa Subramanyam sitting in Canada checking my reservation and telling me how he liked Aamir's fighting scenes in Gajini or the way Gambhir's batting has improved over time but having no clue what it means.

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