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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Where is the party?

Indian film industry churns out more movies than Hollywood. So there is a high chance that any of the movies released would be missed in the clutter. So what do you need to do to stay on top and reach that audience you are targeting? Here many movies miss out on what they are targeting and try to be everything to everyone and turn out being nothing to anyone. And no wonder Prof. Ray mocks the creativity of Indian Cinema. The lack on genuine acting, story and ability to show real stuff in an interesting way is clearly.

But there are exceptions. Some films do ensure they get noticed by going for clear segments of audience. Have a number that will be played a zillion times in all pubs and parties, hit that note of mass audience with a lot of beat, slithery sensous dance and the traditional theen mar and chances are that you will be noted. No one cares what the lyrics are as long as they can count on the trance they get from the beat. Here is a song from Silambattam which is the present top list in Tamilnadu and slowly catching up with pub audience all over south India.

So where is the party?

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