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Thursday, January 15, 2009

The SPECIAL lunch

Today's lunch at the Canteen was superb. The people who served had a wide smile on their face. Most of the people expressed their satisfaction. You might have faced such situation too. Once in a while the food at the place you eat is extremely good. It is not because it turned out to be good but because the cook and the management wanted it to be. Now this means that they took extra care and ensured all the ingredients were correct, used to measure and cooked with the intention to be better. And when such a thing happens the management is behind you to get the feedback that the food is good. This is called 'special' lunch. 

This can be generalized across all the services: Hospitals, artists, musicians, teachers, traffic cops, drivers, customer service agents, companies, salesmen, tele-callers, government, watchmen, and what not. Any service if it is good is because it was meant to be so. Some one took extra care to ensure that the experience was a pleasant one, exceeding or at least meeting your expectations.  In such a case they deserve the credit for the extra degree, extra effort. But my question here is why can't it be special every day? Why can't the call centre executive put in extra effort to make my experience special? Why can't the faculty prepare extra to make my learning more wholesome? Why can't the students prepare for the class in advance and push the instructor to the limits? Why can't traffic cops be more pleasant? Why doesn't the government be more responsible? The list goes on and on. 

On the other hand why can't you hire people who are passionate about making some one's life special? Engineers who want to create products which exceed customer's expectations? Why don't you make this your strategy?

It is YOUR CHOICE to make someone feel special. If only you can put in some extra effort. Loyalty is not built in a day, or is it?


Unknown said...

If it is Special everyday,there would be no 'SPECIAL' in the Dictionary :-)

Unknown said...

Thanks for the comment Sarah. That's the idea.