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Monday, January 12, 2009

Slumdog or Millionaire?

A R Rahman becomes the first Indian musician to win The Golden Globe Award. Slumdog Millionaire made merry at this years version of the awards and won four of them. Hoping this would have a similar effect at the Oscars Rahman said it would be an honour for India, not just for him. The film captures the throbbing pulse of Mumbai. It is about suffering, hope and redemption. If Rahman's music in SM has made an impact in the West, it’s because it’s projected effectively. Though some of the songs are in Hindi, nobody complained about them being boring or incomprehensible. Jai Ho, the song which has been nominated for The Golden Globe, O Saya ... and Ringa Ringa ... which are influenced by Choli Ke Peeche are, for them, in a foreign language, yet they loved it.

It’s the way director, Danny Boyle, has put the film together. All the artist in the movie come up with extraordinary performances, especially the kids. At present it is at # 10 of the top 10 hollywood flicks of the week. Hope it continues a golden run at the Academy Awards and Rahman would be able to bring home the much awaited Oscar.

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