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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Roots? I ain't veggie...

Ustad Ali Khan has rightly said that the traditional music is being sacrificed at the altar of modernity. It pains to see how the western music and themes dominate Indian music scenario. But Indian music has been very accommodate to the pressures and intermissions by the other versions of music. Be it Persian, Mughal or the latest entrant western, Indian music mixes with them and imbibes in them its rich texture and sensitive touch and inturn infuses new spirit in to the traditional one.

But sometimes I feel that my generation had more inclination towards the traditional raagas which we grew up listening to and bring a nostalgic feeling even now or should I call it makes us feel more Indian. I also think this is just a phase and we will oscillate back to the traditional tunes. The best proof of this is my 10 month neice Dimpu who stops crying when her grandmother hums 'thodi raaga' or the traditional folk songs but hits the highest possible notes when we watch MTV. The Ustad is right in saying we should never forget our roots as we draw strength from them.
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