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Monday, January 26, 2009

Republic Day!

A few weeks ago, at a family dinner table three generations discussed morality, integrity and our times. The almost octogenarian grandparent lamented the decline in values and the evident, distressful acceptance of dishonesty as a part of every day life. The mid-generation mother talked about new awareness - the rights of women and the role of the media in highlighting social issues. The teenager felt that increasing trends of extra-marital relationships indicated a growing ability of people to honestly define their real commitments. Certain values are almost irrelevant of context. They must be held strong for any society to truly grow and prosper.

Today, the 26th of January 2009, I stood amongst many and was touched by the words, the sentiments and the pride around me as the flag was unfurled. These thoughts ran in my mind.

What should you do?

Stop at the red light, even if you are the only one. Stand in queue, even if nobody else will. Save water, even if you aren't noticed or rewarded. Help people achieve their goals, even if you just had to speak and motivate. Pay your taxes. As for bills when you buy. Stop unfair practices, bribing, cheating, lying and using loopholes. Don't worry if people think you are crazy or foolish. Be an everyday hero. Be a responsible Indian.

Happy republic day.

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