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Monday, January 19, 2009

Move on Mario, Wii is here

Super Mario Bros was a lovable game for the first video games: 2D, 3D and when computers took over. It was interesting to take him across different worlds with your hands swinging in the air, holding you breath to see him finish his jump and your score go up. Maneuver him under water, in air and what not. Children loved it. Parents loved it because they could get different things like drinking milk, home work to small household chores would get done if they allowed the child to play Mario for an hour. Students discussed it in classes, compared scores and traded tricks on how to score more in exchange for toffees. There were school-level, city-level, locality-level tournaments too. With over 40.24 million units, Super Mario Bros is the most popular video game ever till 10th January 2009. 

As of now Super Mario Bros has finally been dethroned. Mario has been replaced by the best selling video game of all time: Wii. The response of children who got a Wii for Christmas can be seen here. Industry sources expect Wii to rule the video gaming area till something else replaces it, which they say is not so near. When children shift from one game to the other it is a hard task for the firm to achieve as it needs to build the same acceptance level among kids which would make them adopt the new option over the other. That's a tough task and Nintendo did it, again.

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MJ said...

yeah i had spent hours & hours playing mario bros,one world after another. But I dont understand when u say "Mario has been replaced by the best selling video game of all time: Wii"
bcoz mario is a game program (software) and Wii is a hardware(gaming console)
You can play mario on wii so i dont think they both compete rather they complement each other...