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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Code Bright

TOI Reports the colors that are going to rule this season. 

What are the hottest colours on campus this season? Says Naina Surana, a second year student of a fashion and design academy, “Hot pink definitely. Yellow is back in a big way. Purple too, bright and electric. A lot of people are not comfortable wearing bright colours, so it’s advisable to incorporate bright colours in their wardrobe in the form of bags or shoes. For example, a pair of purple peep-toe stilettos can look very hot and can be worn with anything! One has to look for lots of mix n match this season.” 

So ladies, it is official now: if you are going to be seen around a lot this season, be it working, partying or just soaking up some winter sun, grab that bright thing peeping out of your wardrobe and get set to dazzle the eyes!  

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