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Friday, January 16, 2009

BJP is online!

Its almost 100 days more before we know when India will go to polls and BJP has already started to campaign and promise. MJ explains how this is happening online. Now this is an ad by Google Adwords that keeps cropping up when I browse. BJP has launched a website with L K Advani's speech in Hindi and English urging the people for votes. 

Though I think Indians are not yet so much in to changing their voting preferences on whom they are going to vote for, i think this is a cool move as it is so prominent and innovative. I think this is the first time I am seeing a Google Adwords ad for a political party. Considering the contribution of Internet and the online population and traffic in Obama's election this might work out as a positive note for the BJP. The logo is redesigned as well to suit the tastes of the modern young population. 

Now we learn in strategy that the change in logo should be in sync with the change in internal policies, processes, methods you do business in and how you put together your product/service offering. Logo is fine, now let me see what changes you have got and tell me why should I vote for you? Smart work Advaniji and Party.

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