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Monday, January 5, 2009

2 Indias?

Kalita Mitra in her last post for Mint explains the evils for the evils of disparity in India: bad schools, bad roads, no health care, no adequate political representation for a starter.

She continues..
For almost two years now, I’ve pondered and offered various explanations in this space, including the need to follow opportunity eastward, to the country that birthed my parents but never seemed big enough for their ambitions.

In the process, I’ve delved into not just the two Indias, but the countless Indias that perplexed me, yet ultimately define me.

Its the same reason why we still are called under-developed, in fact we are too developed in some areas and un-developed in the other. Isn't this a 'wider angle' in itself? The day we bring it closer to each other or may be one nearer to the other, the day people here start doing something themselves and stop depending on the external help from Government, NRIs, loans, help will this happen. As your uncle rightly pointed out this would happen when there are: Good schools, good roads, good health care ad representation in the politics.

May be you can do something about it, may be I can. But the fact is some one should and only then we can say our home is a Home. Who but you should clean your Home?

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