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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Stay Mad

Mad stands for Make A Difference. At KFC they keep a board and a marker which asks for suggestions unlike the regular feedback book that is available at other places. KFC has a feedback and suggestion book as well. I got to see that most customers have mentioned their feedback here on this board which is then transferred to the suggestion book. Once the same is implemented the person who suggests it will be notified and sent a coupon.

Do your organization treat the feedback and suggestion given by the customers or does that go un-noticed? History has several examples of companies which followed and used customer feedback eveolve as the best ompanies as their focus was on what the customer wanted and not what they had to offer. This made them move towards the customer.

So are you MAD?
Is your organization MAD?

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Unknown said...

Very nice. This is what is passion to excellence and Customer Service.