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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Pride forever

Is there a bigger sentiment than your Alma mater? Can you think of a market opportunity here? Pride forever did. Pride Forever™ is the “official academia licensing company” focused towards branding of educational institutes. They emerged to create a wide range of licensed academia merchandises via retail chains at schools, colleges and several other reputed institutes.

At Alliance Business School, Anekal, Bangalore a new store is shaping up. Several items like teddy bears, tees, coffee mugs, iPod covers, caps, pen stands, etc are already available and will be open for sale shortly. Pushkar and myself visited the store and were the first customers to see. A deluge of students followed and by what seems to be affordable price Pride offers a wide range of products that share our pride with all our school or college mates anywhere and everywhere. It is also time to reminisce and cherish each and every moment that the institutions have instilled and suffused with indelible and unforgettable memories.

The positioning and the target selection is awesome. If you want them to set up a store at your college let me know.

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Unknown said...

Teddy is so cute.. I am sure, It will be owned by all girls.