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Friday, December 19, 2008


Staying at Anekal has its own advantages. The town is so near that many people walk to it, daily. Chethan and myself go to the small Nayars restaurant which is like a 100 year old antique piece, the Nayar Sr started it in1905 here. You get to eat Raagi Muddai (you need to take a small ball of the muddai and dip it in boiling hot soup and then swallow it, no chewing) with hot chicken soup and chicken fry(the best chicken till date in Bangalore sparing Ohris), then comes the SP parota. 

What does SP stand for? No its not the usual Special Parota. It stands for Ceylon Parota! When Ceylon starts with a 'C' how come this is 'SP'. After some research we found that some restaurant was run by a Tamil chap from Srilanka who used to make butter-coated parotas at Majestic and called them 'Seylon Parotas' and 'SP' in short and the lingo spread all over. People started to ask for the SP/Ceylon Parota and hence the name. Everywhere else the name is forgotten except in this small town where the language (pure Kannada) and culture is intact.

So next time ask for SP parota and know what it means!

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Dr Chowdari Prasad said...

Hi Tiger! Writing under Lingo and you bungle........... Nair is a Keralite and Nayar is a Punjabi. Check up and set right your views on the Parothas you tasted.